Explore Christchurch the local way

Street Artist Rone brings life to this city wall with his painting of Teresa, an Australian model with Maori heritage.


I guide only you and your friends—nobody else. The tour and route will be customised based on your interests. No two tours are the same.

Postcard showing Cathedral Square, with the old Dresden Piano building in the background.


Christchurch has gone through major changes since its foundation in 1850. I will take you through the history and transformations.

The "Safety First" giraffe by Justin Ottey. One of the 99 giraffes that were designed by local artists, displayed around the city for several months and then auctioned in February 2015 for charity.


After two major earthquakes, Christchurch is full of rebuild activity. As a local, I will connect the city's (now partly hidden) history with these changes for you.