Explore Christchurch the local way

Street Artist Rone brings life to this city wall with his painting of Teresa, an Australian model with Maori heritage.


I guide only you and your friends—nobody else. The tour and route will be customised based on your interests. No two tours are the same.

Postcard showing Cathedral Square, with the old Dresden Piano building in the background.


Christchurch has gone through major changes since its foundation in 1850. I will take you through the history and transformations.

The "Safety First" giraffe by Justin Ottey. One of the 99 giraffes that were designed by local artists, displayed around the city for several months and then auctioned in February 2015 for charity.


After two major earthquakes, Christchurch is full of rebuild activity. As a local, I will connect the city's (now partly hidden) history with these changes for you.

Let me be part of your journey


Your two hour walking tour will focus on the city centre, one of the most historic and rapidly changing parts of Christchurch. Together we will look beyond the rubble and see the incredible history of some of our well-loved and best known landmarks. We will experience the creative layers of street art and innovation that now characterise the city and also glimpse into the Christchurch of tomorrow. Of the many activities in Christchurch, this one will leave you with a lasting impression.

Your tour route will be designed around your interests. Among some of the popular topics are:

  • Our famous cathedral, and her new cardboard sibling
  • The oldest market place in the city
  • NZ's first purpose-built university
  • Our colourful and unique shipping container mall
  • Legacies of Victorian England's class system
  • NZ's only surviving Edwardian theatre
  • Indigenous art deco
  • Large-scale post-earthquake wall murals

I will help you to discover the many photo opportunities in this fast-changing city!

Personalised Walking Tour (2 hours)


To visit Christchurch right now is to witness history in the making. If you are wondering what to do in Christchurch, a walking tour is a great way to give you a better understanding of the Christchurch of old and new.

Depending on your interest, I will cover a range of topics. These include the founding of Christchurch, the early settlers and their legacies, international influences on our city, architecture old and new, recent dramatic events, post earthquake art and innovations, and the shape of our new city.

I will meet you at a place and time that suits you. This is your tour.

NZ$90 for a single person
NZ$30 per additional person
Maximum of 6 people
for larger groups please enquire)
Children 14 and under free

Book below. Pay at the end of the tour.

No one else will join your private tour
Preferred date and start time of your tour
Where would you like the walking tour to start?
I will be in touch regarding your specific interests but you may also note them here if you wish